United Nations Human Rights Council

Since 2006, the United Nations Human Rights Council has been the main intergovernmental body of the United Nations on all human rights issues such as LGBT rights, freedom of expression, rights of ethnic and racial minorities etc. In this edition of MarmaraMUN delegates are going to try to find solutions to such issues and improve their brainstorming and communication skills.

This committee will be exclusive to the high school students.

Study Guide

Rules of Procedure

Agenda Items:

  • Ensuring the rights of indigenous people 

  • Racism in sports competitions



Chair Yigit Bilir

Yiğit Bilir is sophomore in Marmara University Metallurgical and Materials Engineering. Attending MUN conferences as delegate or committee director since 2014.

Chair Ümit Altar Binici

Ümit Altar Binici is a 19-year-old freshman Linguistics student at Boğaziçi University. He has been attending Model UN conferences since 2017 with an everlasting passion. As of 2018, he has been actively contributing to the Boğaziçi University Debate Society Model UN Subcommittee. 2019 onwards, Mr. Binici attended many other Model UN conferences as well as acted as a Creative Intelligence Team member in the first annual session of Boğaziçi MUN, not to mention his efforts during its preparation period.  A year later, in 2020, for all his unyielding enthusiasm, he has become Deputy Secretary-General in Boğaziçi MUN 2020; thus, allocating himself as an indispensable part of Boğaziçi Model UN Subcommittee.

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