United Nations Global Environmental Security Action

MarmaraMUN 2020 is honored to present you it’s one of a kind crisis committee!
Welcome to the future. The glaciers have shrunk and the Arctic is nearly ice-free, the temperature is rising in coordination with heat waves, the sea level rises along with the acidity level of the oceans, the entire ecosystem is at risk and the availability of fresh water is decreasing day by day. This is an emergency meeting! Can you save our future?

UNGESA is exclusive for the participation of university level delegates and is appropriate for advanced delegates.

Study Guide

Rules of Procedure

Agenda Items:
  • Open Agenda


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Chair Susanne Goetz

Susanne goes by the nickname Susi and is a student at Leiden University in the Netherlands, where she studies two Bachelors: Psychology and International Relations. She chaired UN WOMEN last year at MarmaraMUN, and is very excited to come back this year.

Before becoming a chair, she was a delegate, faculty adviser, and treasurer of LeidenMUN. As delegate she was known for thorough research, which is why she still, as chair, values if delegates know their content. She also enjoys a heated debate, and encourages delegates to make smart, strategic choices. Further, Susi believes that socials are an essential part of MUN, and looks forward to making new friends on the dancefloor.

As chair of a futuristic crisis, she expects all delegates to be energetic and creative, and she cannot wait to see where the debate will go. After all, the collapse of the world as we know it is not such an unrealistic scenario anymore...

Chair Alice Kershaw

Alice Kershaw is a third year International Relations and Organisation student at Leiden University, currently doing a minor in Cultural Memory of War and Conflict. She is very happy that this is her second time at Marmara MUN, last year she had the pleasure of co-chairing UNWomen, and is now extremely excited to be back and ready to chair the new committee UNGESA. Alice is originally from the UK however, after having lived around the world she has taken part in many different MUNs. From a young age, she participated in conferences in Budapest and Saudi Arabia. She continued her MUN experience throughout university, representing LeidenMUN foundation at HNMUN in 2018, followed by a year as delegate trainer for the same organization. Most recently she represented the USA in the UNSC at LIMUN 2020. She looks forward to re-joining the MarmaraMUN family and is excited to meet all new coming delegates!

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