Group of 20

The group of Twenty (G-20), formed in 1999, started as a small summit between finance ministers however after the 2008 international financial crisis it became the biggest
international summit of all times with the participation of heads of states. The group consists of 19 countries and the European Union. The forum’s main objectives are to promote international economic growth, international trade, and regulating financial markets.

This committee’s level is advanced and exclusive for university students.

Study Guide

Rules of Procedure

Agenda Items:

  • Future of trade in the post-Brexit era 

  • Coronavirus and global supply chain 


Srdjan Mojic.jpeg

Chair Abigail Thorley

Abi Thorley is a third year student at Leiden University studying International Justice with a minor in languages. She is currently writing her thesis on the use of force in Syria by the United Kingdom and plans to pursue a Masters in International Law at Leiden University after summer. Having been a delegate for many years, she joined the Board for LeidenMUN before becoming President at the start of 2019. Officially leaving her role in the summer of last year, she began chairing  international conferences, including MarmaraMUN 2019 as Chair of UNODC. She is a content-driven chair who values participation and consistency within the debates. Looking towards this year’s conference, she is excited to return to the Group of 20, for which she was a delegate in EuroMUN 2018, for some fiery debates on the global economy.

Chair Srdjan Mojic

Srdjan Mojic comes from Belgrade, Serbia. He is an MUN veteran as he has more than 10 conferences in more than 10 countries under his belt, a few awards here and there, but the thing he loves most is charing. “Charing is caring”, as he states. He studied international business and economics in Vienna, Austria for four years, and now he is finishing his studies in Belgrade, Serbia where he is pursuing a degree in investment banking at the Belgrade Banking Academy. He is also working as the Assistant Manager in Retail, Sales and Marketing in a company situated in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.

He is a tough chair who doesn’t like nonsense and doesn’t tolerate unprofessional behavior in the conference room, but is easy going, and likes to go off at the parties when the conference doors close. This is his third time at MarmaraMUN in Istanbul. He was a delegate, a chair and he claims that MarmaraMUN is one of the best conferences he’s ever attended because there is a lot of professionalism and learning but also a lot of fun, friendships and overall great times. He is very excited to meet everyone and make this years edition of MarmaraMUN a memorable one!

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